Workaday Variations

The sculptures of the series Workaday Variations seem to have sprung up like telephone doodles – as if someone had been sitting in the living room, letting the surrounding items function both as the starting point and as the construction material for pondering and thoughts. The works are made of furniture and lamps that have been bunched together. Some of them have been multiplied and then connected with each other at possible points of contact. In one of the works, the objects have bonded together like atoms in molecules, forming a temporary whole, while another work refers to growth or flow that is underway.

I want the works to function as connections between various possibilities. I wish the focus to flicker
between the micro and macro levels of the size scale; the concrete and the abstract; and the workaday
and all that is magnificent in the workaday.

 Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu, Helsinki (2009)

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